Joseph Joseph Double Dish™

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Why It's Cool: Hides pistachio shells, olive pits, etc. out of sight

We love eating and serving olives and pistachios, and I love edamame. We also love cherries and cherry tomatoes. The thing that all these foods have in common is that they leave detritus behind: pits, shells, stems, etc. We have been on a many-year hunt for the perfect serving piece to offer the food and deal with the residue. We found several in the south of France that had a separate space for the residue, either next to the good food, or, in one case, over it in a lid that held the pits and had to be removed every time you wanted an olive.

Available only in Grey/White

Once again, the clever folks at Joseph Joseph have developed a simple solution to a nagging problem. Enter the Double Dish™ (Picture me hitting my forehead and saying “Why didn’t I think of that!”): it is simply two dishes in one. The lower dish holds the bad stuff out of sight, has a ledge to hold the upper dish, while the upper dish shows off and offers the good stuff. The 3 little “spouts” on the lower dish make convenient spots to easily dispose of the pits and shells. And try as I might during our testing, I found it very difficult to miss the target when throwing away the bad stuff.

This is both a Cool Tool and a great hostess gift!

Please note: The Double Dish is back-ordered until late December.


  • 7” x 6.5” x 3”
  • Melamine
  • Dishwasher Safe
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