Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus

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Why It's Cool: All-in-one kitchen necessities in a space-saving package

We all know that it takes a range of tools to be effective in the kitchen. After all, we wouldn’t be in this business if that wasn’t true!

But you don’t always find yourself cooking in your ‘home’ kitchen … and sometimes even that ‘home’ kitchen can be small and short of storage space. We’ve cooked in a lot of places where space limitations have limited the availability of tools … I’m recalling the “kitchens” in small apartments, campers, horse trailers, and especially on boats, where a true “galley kitchen” has defined Realtors®’ favorite coded label for “a really small cramped kitchen with limited storage”. In these situations, you often just don’t have enough space for the tools you need, and therefore you are forced to compromise on what you cook in these settings.

No longer! The highly creative folks at Joseph Joseph have developed the perfect solution to this situation!

The Nest 9 Plus from Joseph Joseph is a 9 piece set that “nests” together in order to occupy the absolute minimum amount of storage space, while including a highly functional range of essential tools: 2 mixing bowls - 4.75 quarts/4.5L and 1 pint/0.5L - with non-slip bases, a stainless steel sieve and a 3 quart/3L colander, and 5 measuring cups, ranging from 1 Cup/250ml down to one measuring both 1 Tablespoon/15ml and 1 teaspoon/5ml. The handles on each piece are both sized for ease and convenience, and snap into each other for secure “nesting” storage, only 5¾”/14.5cm high. In short, this set includes a lot of the things you would want in your optimal “home” kitchen, all in one conveniently stacking set.

While we usually avoid “sets”, because they so often  include pieces that you don’t really need or don’t work all that well, the Nest 9 Plus is a well-designed highly functional set of essential kitchen tools short, a Very Cool Tool - or set of Cool Tools - that will serve you - or any of your cramped-kitchen friends, regardless of the setting - very well!

Attention Realtors®: this makes an especially ideal housewarming gift for your “galley kitchen” clients!


  • 9 piece nesting set
  • Food-safe BPA Free Polypropylene
  • 18/10 Stainless Steel Sieve
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not Microwave Safe
  • Overall: 12.75”/32cm long x 10.5”/26.5cm diameter x5.75”/14.5cm high
  • Design by Morph
  • Registered Design
  • Ideal for Realtors®
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