Joseph Joseph Stretch Trivet

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Why It's Cool: It expands to fit almost any pot, and then closes back up for easy storage.

Trivets are essential tools for handling or serving any hot dish, to protect your countertops or your dining table. If you have ever forgotten to use one, then you’ve never forgotten the damage a hot dish can do, especially to wood.

Everybody has some sort of trivet, or maybe a few trivets, or maybe even a collection …but they’re very likely to be a diverse mix of tiles, some with cute sayings or pictures of cats, or maybe even a cast-iron Early American model or a silverplated Georgian piece, or some souvenir from a faraway place …we once looked at a Mayan Calendar to serve this role on our table.  And why not? After all, trivets are highly utilitarian, perform their function out of sight under a hot dish, and store almost anywhere. But you don’t have to settle for that!

What you want is the Joseph Joseph Stretch™ Trivet.

Once again the Joseph Joseph team has designed a very Cool Tool: a sleek piece of highly heat resistant silicone that expands to protect an area at least twice as large as your souvenir tile - two trivets in one! - and then compresses to 2”x7.75” for convenient storage in your drawer - ⅓ or less of the space of that tile. And it keeps the hot dish a convenient 5/8” off your protected surface, so that your can slip your potholder under the hot dish or platter for ease in serving. The silicone is slip-resistant - assuring a secure placement of that hot dish - and scratch-resistant to not harm your table or serving dish.

You do have some choices to make: we think the bright colors make this trivet easy to find in your drawer when you’re fumbling for it as that hot dish comes out of the oven. But Basic Black is also very attractive.

Unlike most other trivets, this one will look good on your countertop or table, and it will take up much less storage space in your kitchen.  You may even want to leave it out, sized ‘just so’ to ripen fruit during the winter months when nothing at the store is ripe at the time of purchase!


  • Available in 3 colors: Green, Pink or Black
  • Heat Resistant to 640F
  • Dishwasher safe
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