KitchenIQ Ginger Tool

Why It's Cool: All the tools you need to work with ginger in one compact unit

Fresh ginger is one of those great flavor enhancers that can make almost any dish really “pop”. There is nothing that can substitute for the taste of fresh ginger. And ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it calms queasy tummies and boosts immune systems… in short, it’s pretty much a miracle plant! 

But ginger isn’t the easiest root to deal with: it’s irregularly shaped, all knobby and just a little awkward to handle, and stringy underneath the outer layer. So once you decide that ginger is a key ingredient in your cooking, your next decision is … how you deal with it.

There are multiple challenges in dealing with fresh ginger. How do you peel it? How do you grate it, without wearing out your arm? How do you slice it thinly and evenly? How do you do all these things, while protecting your hands and fingertips and getting great results easily? We’ve found the answer.…

The answer is …  the KitchenIQ (FKA Edgeware) Ginger Tool. Still, when I first saw it, I thought: why? We have other tools that do many of the things that this tool does. But what I found out is that none of them performs all the ginger-related tasks as well, or as efficiently, as the Ginger Tool.

To begin, the Ginger Tool has a small pull-out half-round scraping blade that very effectively takes the peel off the ginger (this works sooo much better than a basic peeler). Once you’ve peeled the amount of ginger you want to work with, then you have your choice of slicing, grating or juicing … all the different uses for fresh ginger.

One side of the Ginger Tool has a very fine, sharp blade that will cut sushi-thin slices, with a handy catcher underneath so you don’t waste any ginger. The other side of the Ginger Tool has a v-etched, coated grater that makes the perfect sized grated ginger: small, but with enough substance to be exactly right in a range of dishes, from stir-fries to baked goods. (And this grater is easy and comfortable to use, without having to scrape out the grated ginger from between those little bumps on most ginger graters.) All of this goes through into the catcher with a proprietary little squeegee to scrape all the grated ginger off the back of the grater. Then, when you want ginger juice, just take the grater cover (designed to keep your blades safely covered while the Ginger Tool is living in your drawer) and press it down on the grated ginger in the catcher to extract ginger juice for use in cocktails, iced tea, etc., etc.

The Ginger Tool isn’t just for ginger: it works well on daikon and horseradish too!

The Ginger Tool from KitchenIQ brings together all the necessary tools for processing fresh ginger in one very handy package. Clever design, excellent functionality … it’s the very essence of a Cool Tool.


  • Compact tool peels, slices, grates and juices fresh ginger with ease
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • 6”/15cm X 4”/10cm
  • Patents Pending
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