KitchenIQ Paddle Graters-Extra Coarse

Why It's Cool: Non-stick surface and revolutionary blade design make grating an easy task

Freshly grated cheese, freshly grated zucchini for Shredded Zucchini Sauteed with Corn and Chives, or grated frozen goat cheese (the best way to spread a light shower of goat cheese over any surface)...there’s nothing better. But what’s the most effective way to get the best results?

We’ve tested a lot of different models, and there are two brands that we think have both great performance and ease of use when you’re doing large quantities of cheese or vegetables: the Cuisipro Box Grater and V-Graters and this paddle grater. And here's why...

KitchenIQ’s parent, a family-owned knife sharpener business with over 125 years of knowledge in providing and producing sharp edges, used this experience in the design of this new generation of V-etched Graters featuring razor sharp etched blades. These “V“ teeth function similarly to the V-blade on the best selling Mandoline Slicers. They use the shear of the blade to produce even, uniform cuts while using minimal force. The special teeth along with the non-stick coating allow foods to glide across the blade and ensure clean up is quick and easy. And this is great for vegetables to make healthier vegetable "pasta", frozen goat cheese, as well as softer cheeses that tend to stick to traditional style, etched grater blades; think mozzarella or young provolone. The product designer actually used to work for one of the better known brands, and took her knowledge of what worked and what was missing to design a far superior product.

  • V-Etched blades stainless steel blades.
  • KitchenIQ signature non-stick coating.
  • Ergonomic, soft touch handles.
  • Non-slip end with bowl notches.
  • Reusable covers.
  • Dishwasher Safe - top rack only.
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