KitchenIQ The Better Zester

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Why It's Cool: Smoother zesting, catches and measures zest, then scrapes it off back

When something is called “The Better Zester”, your first reaction is that this must be giant sized braggadocio--at least that was my reaction … until I tried it.  It is a better zester!  The designers looked at the other zesters on the market, analyzed the flaws and shortcomings, and found solutions for all of them.

How is this a Better Zester?  Let me count the ways (to paraphrase Browning):

  1. It’s sharp, so it zests very well.  Most zesters are pretty sharp, but the Better Zester is made by a company who has made their mark with knife sharpeners--it better be sharp--their reputation is on the line.
  2. The zesting bed is covered with a non-stick material, so it is both easier to zest, and easier to clean up.
  3. It has a plastic cover so you don’t accidentally nick yourself while reaching for it in the drawer.
  4. It has a very comfortable handle and angle, so that as you’re zesting your citrus or ginger, the movement is natural and comfortable.
  5. There is a rubberized edge to make the Better Zester rest securely against your work surface.
  6. It has a catch container that really stays put below the Better Zester, so the zest all goes into the catcher, and not all over your counter.  It also seems to capture more of the citrus oil, which is why you zest in the first place.
  7. This last is probably my favorite feature:  the storage container has a little squeegee that scrapes the underside of the grater, so you really get all of your zest where you can use it.  (I actually wanted to create a product that did that, but Edgeware got their act together way faster than I did, so I do have a little Tool envy).

While the shape of the handle makes this a little more difficult to store in your kitchen drawer, this Cool Tool spends way more time in the drain basket or on the counter being used than it ever does in the kitchen drawer; I probably use it at least once a day.

Yes, not only is this a Cool Tool, but it is a better zester!

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