439 KMN Home Fingermitt

Why It's Cool: Glove-like dexterity in a highly flexible high-heat silicone textured pan or pot grabber

We’ve discussed the many forms of “potholders” - from handwoven summer camp projects, to stiff quilted squares and mitts in asbestos or lesser materials, and various food grade silicone implementations of mitts, pot grabbers, and basic square “potholders”. We’ve failed to mention the original “pot lifter”: the always-convenient and closeby kitchen towel, grasped at both ends to wrap around your hot pot or pan. We have tried them all and we have several available here at Colbrook Kitchen (please don’t send any summer camp projects for evaluation! ;-)]

However, we’ve found a wonderful new product that combines the flexibility of your fingertips with the heat-protection of food-grade silicone: imagine a custom-sized soft, tight-fitting handglove, without the droopy excess fabric of a kitchen towel, fabricated in 500F/260C heat resistant silicone material … this is the fingermitt™, from KMN Home.

The fingermitt is designed around a basic 5-fingered hand glove design with an opposable thumb - unlike most mitts. It comes in a right-hand and left-hand pair - just like hand gloves - with fingertip whorls and a unique ribbed grip design on the interior of each of the 10 fingers and at the base of the palm, to assure maximum grip and dexterity. Your hand slides easily into each fingermitt (you may use only 1 in a given situation, in the same situations where you might decide to use only 1 potholder), leaving adequate space for your hand to remain flexible, while fully protecting your fingers as you firmly grip your pot or pan.

fingermitts work well on hot pan handles on the cooktop, as well as with cooking sheets, pots, or casseroles in the oven. And they’re dishwasher safe, for easy and thorough cleanup.

The fingermitt takes the ‘potholder’ back to the basics, with a modern twist: a hand glove-shaped, high temperature-safe, food grade silicone tool that you definitely will want in your kitchen … very much a Cool Tool!


  • Pair of Hand Glove-style 5-fingered Silicone Mitts
  • 550F/260C Heat Resistant
  • Food grade Silicone
  • ~4”/10cm from base to end of middle finger
  • ~4¼”/10.8cm width inside - across 4 fingers
  • 2”/5cm from inside of fingers to base of thumb
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Patent Pending
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