Kyocera Hand-held Ceramic Slicers

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Why It's Cool: Easy, smooth, fast slicers that just work perfectly!

You know how there are just some tools that you reach for time after time, because they are so useful; as a matter of fact, they rarely see the inside of the drawer, because they’re either in use or in the drain basket. The Kyocera Handheld Ceramic Slicers fall squarely into that category!

We owned a set of these before we ever started this business, and they’re in the top tier of our “tools I wouldn’t want to be stranded on a desert island without” list.

There are 2 of them--and we love them both.

And add a $9 Kevlar Glove for just $5 when you buy it with one of the slicers.

The simplest is the Double-edged Slicer--it shaves very thin slices in both directions (back and forth as you move the thing you’re cutting across the blade), so you go through your fruit or vegetables using half the time and effort. We use this to add thin slices of jalapeno or onion to just about any dish, and to make our Lettuceless Green Salad, which is made up of very thinly sliced green things, from cucumber and zucchini to whole limes and chilis. This morning I used this slicer to make paper-thin slices of asparagus for a frittata… you know a slicer has to be unbelievably sharp to slice an asparagus spear without breaking it! There probably isn’t a day that we don’t use this for something.

The Adjustable Hand-held Slicer is patented and is great for any slicing job where you want slightly thicker slices. With the twist of the little rod on the back of the Slicer, you can adjust the thickness of your slices from .5mm, to 1.3mm, 2.0mm or 3.0mm, without changing blades. You can use this for so many things: zucchini, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, peppers, onions, potatoes, apples and so much more.

Kyocera - a mashup of Kyoto Ceramics - uses Zirconia 206, a proprietary ceramic material that starts with micro-grains that are molded at 300+ tons of pressure, and then fired at >1000ºF, before being carbide-ground and then diamond polished and buffed, to produce a stronger, denser blade that holds an edge longer than other ceramic blades. This is why Kyocera Advanced Ceramic blades are consistently rated the best.

The thinner blade on the slicers means lighter weight with minimal resistance, for a blade that makes clean, precise, less-intrusive, less wasteful cuts, with less pressure. And since ceramics are chemically inert, they are impervious to acids, juices, oils, and salts, or any other food element. Unlike their metal cousins, Kyocera Advanced Ceramic blades will never rust or corrode, or transfer metal ions that might contaminate or alter the taste or smell of your food.

Each of these slicers has a razor sharp Advanced Ceramic blade that is set at the correct angle to make them particularly easy and effective to use.

Each slicer comes with a handguard, although, as with most sharp slicing things, we prefer to use a cut-resistant glove, because we find it both safer, and easier to use. So, like on our other slicers, we’re offering our Cut Resistant Glove at discount, when you purchase it with one of these Kyocera Slicers.

All three of these slicers fit easily in  a drawer, perform their tasks particularly well, and are worth both the price and the space in the kitchen… in other words, they are very Cool Tools!


  • Ultra sharp, durable Advanced Ceramic blade won’t rust or brown foods
  • Corner notches to fit the slicer on top of most bowls
  • Lightweight, easy to use and easy to clean
  • Ergonomic handle includes hang hole for storage
  • Dimensions of each slicer: 11”/28cm  X 3.75”/9.5cm  X .75”/2cm
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime Warranty: fully warranted by Kyocera to be free of defects in material and/or craftsmanship. If the product is found defective, they will repair or replace it.
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