Kyocera The Perfect Peeler

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Why It's Cool: Amazingly sharp blade, comfortable handle, head twists to provide flexible use

We all have vegetable peelers of various types and styles … from the ones we remember as a child, or from our time on KP in the military, or more recently … but every version or style we’ve ever encountered has had its limitations … dullness, uncomfortable handle, dysfunctional lefty/righty issues, etc. This is not to deny that a peeler is a truly indispensable kitchen tool, but we’ve never found a general purpose peeler that we’ve loved ...

Until now...

The Perfect Peeler from Kyocera is masterfully designed to overcome all these issues, and more. The centerpiece is the Kyocera Advanced Ceramic blade: the sharpest, most durable and effective blade you will find in any peeler. The ergonomic handle design - combining ABS plastic and rubberized handle - also makes this tool both comfortable and highly effective to use. And the adjustable blade assembly allows this single peeler to function as a “Y” peeler, or as vertical/straight peeler or at a 45º - or other - angle, both from either side. All of these adjustments make this peeler ideal for almost any peeling task or style, for both right-handed and left-handed operation. For everything from vegetables, to hard cheeses, to chocolate, and for everyone in your kitchen, this is truly the only general purpose peeler you will ever need in your kitchen.

Kyocera - a mashup of Kyoto Ceramics - uses Zirconia 206, a proprietary ceramic material that starts with micro-grains that are molded at 300+ tons of pressure, and then fired at >1000ºF, before being carbide-ground and then diamond polished and buffed, to produce a stronger, denser blade that holds an edge longer than other ceramic blades. This is why Kyocera Advanced Ceramic blades are consistently rated the best.

The thinner blade on The Perfect Peeler means lighter weight with minimal resistance, for a blade that makes clean, precise, less-intrusive, less wasteful cuts, with less pressure. And since ceramics are chemically inert, they are impervious to acids, juices, oils, and salts, or any other food element. Unlike their metal cousins, Kyocera Advanced Ceramic blades will never rust or corrode, or transfer metal ions that might contaminate or alter the taste or smell of your food.

The Perfect Peeler is an artful combination of great design yielding excellent functionality: the very essence of a Cool Tool! Get one for your kitchen, and several more to give as gifts!


  • Blade material: Zirconium Oxide
  • Handle materials: ABS Plastic and Polypropylene
  • 6½”/16.5cm long x 2½”/6.4cm at the blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty
  • The Perfect Peeler is a US Registered Trademark
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