Lékué Cheese Maker

Why It's Cool: Make your own cheese quickly and easily with ingredients you can trust

Do you have an inner cheesemaker? I didn’t know I did … until I found out how easy it could be to make my own queso fresco (Mexican), fromage frais (French), ricotta (Italian), and there are probably equivalent cheeses in many other cultures (sorry, no pun intended). There is something sort of cool about serving cheese (or using it as an ingredient) that you can proudly say you made yourself. And it’s even better if it’s quick and easy to do. And let’s not forget that when you make your own, you control the quality and kind of ingredients - as well as flavors - that go into it.

The Lèkuè Cheese Maker is a compact, dishwasher safe vehicle for bringing your inner cheesemaker to life. All you need to do is put your milk of choice in the white bowl, microwave it (use this chart to translate the microwave time - the recipe is based upon an 800W microwave), add an acid (lemon, vinegar or yogurt) using the marked lid as a measuring tool. Then let it sit for 30 minutes, drain, chill for at least an hour, and serve or use in a recipe. Yes, it’s that easy.

And how do we use it? Let me count the ways… of course you can serve it plain, but it is a little bland. Try jazzing it up to your taste: add a pepper jelly spread, a tapenade, some smoked salmon with dill, or your favorite fruit. Then you can use it on a breakfast burrito, or as a key ingredient in dishes like the Ricotta Tart with Lemon Almond Crust or Ricotta Lemon Pancakes. And I’m sure our French friends will have some wonderful suggestions for how they use fromage frais.

The entire process requires only 15 minutes of cooking, 1:30h of resting and 2 basic ingredients: fresh milk and an acid. And here are some of the benefits:

    • Natural flavor and texture, you don’t need to add salt.
    • Healthy: Fresh cheese has high biological value protein, easily absorbed calcium and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B and D.
    • Fresh cheese is the cheese that has the least fat!
    • Practical and attractive design: you will not need any other tool.
    • You only need basic ingredients: fresh milk and an acid (lemon, vinegar, yogurt).
    • Original recipes included

    This is a great tool: exceptionally well-designed to deliver a basic ingredient from many cultures (OK: pun intended here!) in your kitchen. A very Cool Tool!


    • Size: 5”/12.7cm tall x 5.5”/14cm  diameter
    • 100% Platinum Silicone and PP and PBT plastics
    • 30oz/1L capacity
    • BPA Free
    • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
    • Dishwasher safe
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