Lékué Citrus Press

Why It's Cool: Both stores and squeezes citrus and prevents seeds from getting into your food

We love finding good designs that help us save money.

We have lemon trees, but lately there has been so much killer frost that we have had to buy lemons.  I realize many of you are saying, “Join the real world”, and yes, we have been spoiled with tree-ripened fruit.  But now the idea of using half a lemon and not finding a way to protect and preserve the other half is unthinkable.  Plastic bags don’t work all that well, plastic wrap is hopeless, and it seems silly (and a waste of space) to use a plastic container for half a lemon.

Enter the Lékué Citrus Press:  it allows you to squeeze exactly the amount of juice you need,  without seeds and without risk of random lemon squirts in the eye or elsewhere, and it also protects the remaining lemon (or lime) halves in the refrigerator to maintain maximum freshness, so you don’t waste the remainder.  

The innovative design of this product has won two International Design awards: the Prize for Design and the Technological Innovation (Madrid Fusión, Ene. 2007), and the Good Design Award (Japan, Oct. 2007). But even more importantly, we’ve used and loved ours for years, and it’s earned the Colbrook Kitchen designation of Cool Tool.


  • It comes in a set of 2
  • 100% Platinum Silicone
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 10 Years Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Multiple Design Awards
  • Made in Spain


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