Lékué Citrus Sprayer

Why It's Cool: Turn your citrus into sprayers that spritz of fresh juice

OK, this really is one of the things we wished we’d invented...and then been smart enough to do it right! The next best thing is to find one that works so well that you stop trying to figure out how to do it better...and then be able to offer it to you. This is it!

So what this does in a nutshell is to turn any lemon or lime into a spray bottle of fresh juice. How many times have you just wished that you could spray a little citrus juice on something, whether it’s to add a touch of flavor, or to use the power of citrus to stop fruits and vegetables from turning brown?

As you may recall in our video about making your own tortilla chips in the microwave with the Mastrad Chips Maker, We had to squeeze a lime and then put the juice in a spray bottle to spray the chips with a little lime juice. No more! Now it’s so easy to simply cut off the end of the lime (or lemon), screw the Lékué Citrus Sprayer into the fruit, squeeze a little bit to loosen up the juice, and then spray. What a rush!

The Citrus Sprayer comes in a set of two (one long, for lemons, and one shorter, for limes), with a little cradle for the fruit to sit in. It’s one of our new favorite tools, which you can tell by the fact that it lives in our refrigerator in a piece of citrus far more than it lives in a drawer--it works, it’s useful, it’s fun, it’s cool--it is a Cool Tool!


  • It comes in a set of 2
  • 100% Platinum Silicone
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 10 Years Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Design: Alberto & Joan Rojeski
  • Patented Design
  • Made in Spain


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