Lékué Non-Spill Baking Liner

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Why It's Cool: Keeps your baking pan clean and your food from sticking

Sometimes you just need a little altitude!

We love to roast things in the oven ...and there are various approaches to the messy issues that present themselves in the oven: an unprotected baking sheet is almost impossible to clean and aluminum foil invariably gets cut somewhere in the cooking process. We like some of the various other solutions, but all of those are flat, and excess liquid can still run over the edges of your roasting pan and create a cleanup mess!

In addition, the raised sides of this Liner tame nuts, Cauliflower Popcorn, and other recipes where the ingredients you're roasting tend to roll around, and it's easier (once they've cooled down a little) to use the Liner to pick up and transfer your ingredients to a serving bowl.

What do you do when you need a little altitude?

The Non-Spill Baking Sheet from Lekue is the first solution we’ve seen that addresses all these issues! Made of Food Grade Platinum SIlicone, it fits conveniently inside the walls of your conventional baking sheet (aka a “half-sheet pan”) and has a highly effective ¼” lip to keep liquids off your sheet, to avoid messy cleanup issues. That’s it: non-stick food grade silicone that keeps the roasting mess inside its walls, and cleans up easily in the dishwasher! When we first saw this, we knew we had to sell it!


A Cool Tool? Very much so! Simple elegant design, that delivers fully on its functional promise, while saving you much time and frustration in cleanup ….  A Very Cool Tool!



  • 100% Platinum Food Grade Silicone

  • Temperature Range: -76ºF/-60ºC to 428ºF/220ºC

  • Freezer/Oven/Dishwasher safe within Temperature Range

  • Dimensions: 15.7”/40cm x 11.8”/30cm x 0.5”/12mm

  • 10 Years Manufacturer’s Guarantee

  • Made in Spain

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