Lékué Ogya XL Microwave (Cooking) Pot

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Why It's Cool: Make soups and stews easily, quickly and deliciously in the microwave

Almost everyone living in the 21st Century has a Microwave Oven. Right? OK there are diehards out there that want to live off the grid, or not subject themselves to brain damage, or are afraid that aliens .… OK they’re probably not receiving or reading this, so we’ll all ignore them for now ...OK? Apologies, B&J (you know who you are!)

SO ...those of us who do have and use our microwaves (we don’t even call them “ovens” anymore: just “microwaves” - proving how thoroughly the underlying technology has crept into our vocabulary!) do so for a very limited set of uses: melting butter, reheating leftovers, “microwaving” popcorn, thawing frozen food, and the like. Most actual “cooking” uses are very limited

But no longer! Your microwave isn’t just for …(insert your own list) … anymore!

Enter the Ogya XL Microwave Pot from Lékué.

The Ogya is specially designed to maximize the effectiveness of your Microwave: the Ogya is that “pot” you’ve wished for since you got your first microwave (oven). This is the cooking vessel you need to maximize the benefits and efficiency of microwave cooking. Microwave cooking in stages will produce quick and easy versions of sophisticated, although seemingly complex, dishes. The folks at Lékué have developed a number of delicious recipes for the Ogya, and you will learn more as you use it more. Remember: your Microwave may differ, so adjust accordingly! But the Ogya Microwave Pot definitely will expand your recipe repertoire. Note: The Ogya can also be used in a conventional oven.

A Cool Tool? Definitely! Award-winning design, with broad-ranging functionality that expands your capabilities in the kitchen …and makes your cooking easier … a very Cool Tool!


  • 100% Platinum Silicone
  • BPA-free
  • Temperature Range: -76ºF/-60ºC to 428ºF/220ºC
  • Freezer/Oven/Dishwasher safe within Temperature Range
  • Capacity: 34 ounces/1 liter
  • Dimensions: 10.2”/26cm x 7.5”/19cm x 4.5”/11.5cm
  • 10 Years Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Patented Design
  • Design: Luki Huber
  • Multiple Design Awards
  • Made in Spain
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