Lékué Sticks Pan

Why It's Cool: Makes delicious sweet or savory bread sticks in the microwave in minutes

I’m addicted! Silly as it sounds, I’m head over heels about these little bread sticks that you make in the microwave. We, of course, use lots of cheese in ours, but you don’t have to. I wouldn’t call them health food, but as snacks go, these have no preservatives, and you know exactly what goes into them. They’re wonderfully crunchy, they taste great...and they’re easy to make: just watch the video.

What makes these possible is the very clever design of the Lékué Sticks pan. It has 30 little channels that your dough goes into, and what comes out is a crunchy, delicious, and totally satisfying (and did I say “addictive”?) snack. And you can make a sweet version, too. Several recipes are included in the package.

The Sticks pan is specially designed to maximize the effectiveness of your Microwave, but it also can be used in conventional ovens.

Cool Tool? Definitely! Great design that expands your capabilities in the kitchen …and makes your cooking easier, and healthier … a very Cool Tool!


  • 100% Platinum Silicone
  • BPA-free
  • Temperature Range: -76ºF/-60ºC to 428ºF/220ºC
  • Freezer/Oven/Dishwasher safe within Temperature Range
  • 10 Years Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Made in Spain
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