Loftin Ceramic "Oyster Shells" and Oyster Tongs

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Why It's Cool: Reusable ceramic shells that make it easy to serve impressive oyster dishes to any number of guests

We love oysters, and we’ll often shuck our own if there are just two of us. But that’s our limit. If we want to serve oysters to guests and still be able to be part of the party, we needed an alternative. And sometimes (whether seasonal or general availability) it isn’t also easy to find good fresh oysters in the shell.

The first step was to find oysters we didn’t have to shuck, and we've found that they are available virtually year round. So, with good quality freshly shucked oysters available, we kept saying to ourselves: why doesn’t someone come up with a reusable shell to take oyster eating to the next level? Well someone did...a pair of brothers from Louisiana - where they know a thing or two about oysters - created high-heat tolerant, reusable, handmade in the USA, ceramic oyster shells that look just like the real thing.

The Loftin “Oyster Shells” are the answer to having cooked oysters (or other seafood!) - whether baked, broiled, stuffed or smoked - any way you like them - at any time of the year - for any number of guests! These are artisanally hand-crafted and partially-glazed ceramic stoneware: individually hand-formed by the two Loftin Brothers to resemble Gulf or East Coast oysters (or, if you’re from the West Coast, the top of West Coast Varieties!) … and these are high-heat safe for grill or oven use, and dishwasher safe for easy and convenient cleanup. Another added advantage over natural oyster shells is that these are designed to sit flat on your grill or plate, without the need for plates with indentations or beds of rock salt. Sold by the dozen, these shells come with a convenient burlap storage bag.

The Loftin brothers also developed rosewood-handled Oyster Tongs with stainless steel tines that fit snugly under the shells and make for easy movement on/off your grill or cooktop. (We’ve found that kitchen tongs don’t always give you the sturdiest hold on the edges of oyster shells.)

These “Shells” are definitely Cool Tools: designed to transform fresh or already-shucked oysters, regardless of season - or other seafood of your choice - to your favorite hot recipe: from a classic Oysters Rockefeller to your version of our Napa Valley local favorite Oysters Pablo and serve them to guests at your next dinner party. And this make a great gift for Dad or for any of your oyster loving friends!

Great design … excellent functionality … definitely a Cool Tool!


  • Each “Shell’ is artisanal and will vary: approximate sizes are: 4”/10.5cm length x 3”/7.5cm width x ¾”/2.5cm deep
  • Shells designed to sit flat on your plate or grill (no additional support necessary!)
  • Ceramic Stoneware
  • Sold by the dozen, with convenient burlap storage bag
  • Safe for Oven, Broiler, and Direct Flame Grills (Charcoal or Gas)
  • Tongs: 15¾”/40cm overall length; handle: 6¾”/17cm x 1¼”/3.2cm x .6”/1.5cm at widest point
  • Tongs feature hole in handle for hanging conveniently near your Grill
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hand Made in the USA
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