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Mastrad Chips Maker

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Quick Overview

Why It's Cool: Makes crispy chips without oil

My dirty little secret: when no one's looking, I love to snack on chips.  I like the salt, I like the crunch, I just plain like the way they feel in my mouth. But I know it’s a guilty pleasure.  Well, now you can have your chip and eat it too (whatever that really means :-)).  

The Mastrad Chips Maker is almost like magic: you slice potatoes, or apples, or sweet potatoes, or pears, or …, put them on the Chips Maker with no oil, salt them (if you’re a salt person like we are) and microwave them for 3-6 minutes. What comes out is nothing short of amazing--crispy, tasty chips with no fat, but plenty of flavor. They are not precisely like oil soaked chips, but they’re pretty close and way healthier. And they make a great healthy snack for kids!

And what's more fun is the Chips Maker is now available in a variety of colors with a matching mini mandoline!

Limited to Stock on hand.

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The Chips Maker comes with 2 trays and a very sharp hand-held mandoline type slicer in a variety of colors. One caution: mandolines (this one or any other) are very very sharp, and the hand guards are always awkward to use (think about how far down on the design list they are). After sacrificing a small portion of my thumb to testing, I would say: don’t use a mandoline without a cut resistant glove! We’ve tested them and have found one that we thinks works well, but whether you get one from us or from somewhere else--GET ONE! We’ll worry if you don’t!

To make it easier, we're offering a deal: if you buy the Chips Maker with the Glove, you save $4 over buying them separately!


  • 2 trays and a small mandoline
  • Made of premium silicone, crisp vegetables and fruits crisp up without use of fats or oils
  • A healthier alternative to store-bought chips and crisps
  • Dishwasher safe



Additional Information

WHY IT'S COOL Makes crispy chips without oil
Ships In: In Stock, order by 2pm Pacific Time, and it will ship Priority Mail the same business day (Limited to stock on hand)
Manufacturer Mastrad
Color None
Size None
Spoons None

Ships in: In Stock, order by 2pm Pacific Time, and it will ship Priority Mail the same business day (Limited to stock on hand)