Mastrad/Orka Terry-lined Silicone Oven Mitt

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Why It's Cool: Very flexible and comfortable, liner snaps out for laundering

Note:  Cooks' Illlustrated just named the Orka Plus Glove as 'Highly Recommended" ... we couldn't agree more!

Pot holders are an essential tool in the kitchen. Over the years, we’ve used lots of models. First there was that old handwoven summer camp project I gave my mother and she couldn’t throw away – or ever use, maybe, which is why it survived to live in my kitchen at one point. Later there were the asbestos-clad quilted squares that never really bent or formed adequately to allow a good grip. Then there were oven mitts, in asbestos and more recently in silicone, but those also had serious design limitations – mostly stiffness -- that limited their functionality.

Enter the new generation OrkaPlus® Oven Mitt from Mastrad.

These are Cool Tools that really protect you when you handle hot pots and pans. The softness and flexibility of the new generation silicone in these tools is amazingly different than all those older generation silicone mitts you tried: you can actually use your hand as designed, wearing these tools.

Yes we know you never see these being used on the cooking shows, but we’re all home cooks: not professional chefs or chef-tainers. We burn ourselves and we can use burn cream if we need to. But these silicone tools – heat resistant to 480F: way hotter than your flesh can stand! – do a great job protecting you and making you more efficient in the kitchen.

Insert by Piper

I’m a glove kinda gal—always have been. I love leather gloves when it’s cold out, and I love oven mitts when I’m putting my hands into a very hot oven. It gives me a sense of security to know that the back of my hand is protected, as well as my fingers. The OrkaPlus® Oven Mitt with cotton lining encases your hand and wrist, not only in protective silicone, but inside that in comfortable - and removable and washable - terry that is securely buttoned in place inside the Mitt.

They cleanup easily in the dishwasher – open-end down, of course. And they take up way less room in your drawer than those asbestos mitts or that project from summer camp. Get one if that's all you need, or buy a pair so that you can really grab those casseroles in the oven.


  • Mitt: 5.5”x 11”
  • Available in Red and Charcoal
  • Heat Resistant to 480F
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Mitt linings are washing machine safe


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