Prodyne Stainless Steel Electric Salt or Pepper Mill

Why It's Cool: Works great, even with damp sea salt

Anyone who knows us, knows we love salt...I mean, we really love salt. We offer 4 kinds of salt when we have company over for dinner (not sure we can distinguish their nuances, but they look great!), we carry our own salt with us when we go out (the little tubes that eye liner refills come in work perfectly): sea salt for general use, chipotle salt to spice up dishes, and truffle salt for popcorn at the movies.

If we’re that particular about our salt, just think how particular we are about salt mills. And as you’ve probably already noticed, I’m a little lazy, so if a tool can do the work for me, I let it--so I wanted an electric salt mill. BTW, it can be used for pepper, too.

Salt mills are a tricky business: salt is corrosive, so you need a ceramic grinding mechanism to stand up to salt and not deteriorate over time.  But we add an extra twist, because our favorite every day salt is sel gris, the gray sea salt from Brittany, which has a wonderful slightly briny taste, but is a little damp, and therefore an extra challenge for a salt mill.  Many salt mills do fine with very dry salt, but it takes a champion salt mill to handle damp sea salt.  Well, the folks at Prodyne make a champion salt mill, with sleek lines of brushed stainless steel; and the best news is … they sell it at a reasonable price. 

This mill has a durable ceramic mechanism that easily grinds peppercorns, sea salt and spices (so you may want more than one).  It seasons accurately with an easily adjustable grind, and it has a built-in light for precise seasoning exactly where you want it and it's very easy to fill.  In short this is a Cool Tool.


  • 8 ½” tall X 2” in diameter
  • Brushed Stainless Steel with black silicone push button
  • Uses 4 AA batteries, not included
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