Metrokane "Ah, So" Cork Puller

Why It's Cool: New take on a classic design with a larger better-weighted handle for extracting the cork more easily

No set of wine tools would be complete without the classic “Ah-So!” Cork Remover. Whether you are confronting a partially broken cork, or a synthetic or plastic cork, this is an essential tool!

This classic two-pronged design - first patented in the US in 1879 - slides alongside the cork - or the remaining piece of cork - and breaks the vacuum, while gently gripping the cork as you rock and turn the prongs, for slow and careful removal. You too will be saying “Ah - So!”* when you remove those larger cork pieces, or even those sometimes troublesome plastic corks. This latest design from Metrokane features an attractive stitched faux leather cover and a slightly heavier and more rounded handle for better leverage.

A new take on an essential classic Cool Tool!


  • Two piece design
  • 4⅝”/11.5cm long x 2¾”/7cm wide at handle
  • Plated handle with stainless steel prongs
  • Handwash
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