Norpro Avocado Slicer

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Why It's Cool: Scrapes all the avocado out of its skin and slices it into uniform slices

There is almost nothing more sensual than a slice of ripe avocado with a little sea salt...on a sandwich, on a plate, being licked off your fingers.  The texture is incredible.  But therein lies the rub:  that texture that makes the avocado so wonderful to eat, also makes it difficult to cut neatly.  It’s slippery as anything.

The best method to cut an avocado is to cut it in half around the pit, twist it so it splits, leaving the pit in one half.Then take the very clever Norpro Avocado Slicer and run it from the fat end of the avocado to the thin end, keeping the rounded outside blade as close as possible to the skin, scraping the blade against the skin under the flesh, in one smooth motion.  What you get are eleven beautifully cut slices of avocado, ready to go on a plate, sandwich, salad, or anything else your heart desires. What really makes the difference are the stainless steel blades and the very comfortable handle. And this is so much better than other versions that cut with wires, that eventually either get lose or break.

I recently challenged a native Californian friend of ours (who has cut avocados all his life) to see which of us could cut it better and faster: he with a knife, me with the Avocado Slicer.  While his years of experience and excellent knife skills enabled him to slice the avocado without hurting himself, his slices were neither done as quickly nor looked as pretty as mine.

The bottom line is that this slicer takes away the work and brings in the joy of eating of the world's greatest...and healthiest...foods.


  • Measures 7 inches/18cm
  • Hand washing recommended
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