Norpro Mini Popover Pan

Why It's Cool: Make popovers for a crowd--12 at once with great non-stick properties!

OK, I admit it, I’m late to the party--the “popover party”! I didn’t discover the wonder of popovers until relatively recently when a local Napa Valley restaurant featured them freshly made every half hour--you ordered them and waited (note: you should always wait for popovers, not the other way around!), and they would arrive hot, buttery, crispy on the outside and almost custardy tender on the inside. But the idea of tackling these myself never occurred to me… until recently.

We have a potluck women's luncheon group, and this month had a gluten-free theme. Without remembering the theme, I volunteered to make homemade bread and butter...I have a killer bread recipe, and homemade butter is so much fun with the Butter Maker. Then it hit me that this had to be gluten-free. "Oh, fudge (polite version)", I cried, "what do I do now?" Well, thank goodness for the Internet! After rummaging around for awhile, I found a great starter recipe, added a few touches of my own, and, Voila! Gluten-Free Lemon Parmesan Popovers. And everybody at the lunch loved them!

What I did learn in this process is that the key to a great popover is a great popover pan. You need the depth and straight sides of the cups, you need metal to transmit the heat for browning, and you need nonstick so you’re not trying to dig out these delicate airy treats while they deflate before your eyes. And, as far as I’m concerned, you have to be able to produce a sufficient quantity to serve them to company, and the popovers have to be the right size so you don’t overwhelm the rest of the meal.

The Norpro Mini Popover Pan came out on top. It has 12.25”/5.5cm X 2”/5cm cups that each hold about 3 ounces/85 ml, so these are the perfect size to serve at breakfast, lunch or dinner. The nonstick coating assures that the popovers pop out easily, and the heat holding and conducting properties of the metal make the sides brown up very nicely.

So, if you’re going to make popovers (and you should, they are both super easy and incredibly delicious), then get yourself a great popover pan, and this one, because of its size and the number of popovers it makes (12), as well as its nonstick and heat conductive properties, is a great choice. And it cleans up easily! A real Cool Tool!


  • Hole size measures: top 2.25 inches/5.5cm, bottom 1.5 inches/4cm, and depth 2 inches/5cm
  • Pan Outside Dimensions: 17.25”/44cm X 11.25”/28.5cm X 2.25”/5.5cm
  • Nonstick coating for easy release and cleaning
  • 12 popovers per pan                       
  • Hand washing recommended    
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