Novac RoastEasy Chain Mail Roasting Cover from Cuisipro

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Why It's Cool: Keeps the moisture in while allowing the outside to get crisp.

Roasting is a simple, straightforward method of cooking many dishes but, as with any cooking, there can be many ‘slips twixt the cup and the lip’ … and one of the great features of any roast dish - from beef to chicken to vegetables - is retaining natural juices, while achieving a crisp exterior. There can be nothing better than a crisp-skinned roast chicken, or crisp roasted potatoes, or … conversely, nothing worse than a soggy chicken skin, or mushy potatoes.

The Novac RoastEasy Chain Mail Roasting Cover is a perfect tool to assure that you stay on the crisp and delicious side of these dishes, simply and efficiently, producing great results every time!

This 19” x 14” (48cm x 36cm) piece of stainless steel ‘chainmail’ - much like many of our ancient ancestors wore into battle - will help you render wonderfully crisp, evenly delicious chicken, vegetables, and more … all perfectly cooked in their natural juices - with or without interim basting. There is no need for aluminum foil here: the openness of the chainmail allows excess moisture to escape easily, while assuring that the ‘layer underneath’ will remain crisp and flavorful.

In addition, this is great for blind baking pie crusts...a real multi-tasker.

And all this is dishwasher safe: easy to cleanup, for the next delicious, as-natural-as-can be, dish!

Simplicity at its best: the essence of a Cool Tool ... simple, classic (even ancient!) design, delivering the most desirable functionality!  ...definitely a Cool Tool!


  • Stainless Steel Mesh
  • 19” x 14” (48cm x 36cm)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in France
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