Oggi Handled Expandable Trivet

Why It's Cool: Sleek design, easy to serve and pass your hottest casserole.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve made a beautiful casserole for company, but how do you serve it? If it’s hot (and it probably should be), do you don oven mitts and try to keep a grip on it as you pass it around? Or do you designate someone as “Mom” to serve as everyone passes their plates? Neither of these is a very elegant solution.

On one of our trips to France, in a town in the Dordogne, we went to a small cookware store and found a wonderful expandable stainless steel trivet with handles that would take almost any size casserole dish to the table safely and elegantly, and also make it easy to pass the casserole around the table to serve.

When we started this business we hunted for an equivalent to offer to you, because it has become a treasured and very useful part of our kitchen. Finally, this last January we found one and have been putting it through its paces...and we can truly say that the new one has everything we were looking for ….

This brushed stainless steel trivet is the perfect combination of simple beauty and utmost practicality: its sleek design expands or contracts to accommodate to a wide range of serving dish sizes. It accents your serving dish, while being sturdy enough to carry a 7-quart Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven full of Boeuf Bourguignon from the kitchen to the table with ease. The comfortable handles provide a secure grip to facilitate passing, while keeping your knuckles away from the sides of the hot dish. And the non-slip rubber feet keep the hot casserole approximately ¾”/2cm off the surface of your table or sideboard.

Beautiful design, brilliant functionality... and at a great price!--you got it...a very Cool Tool!


  • Adjusts to fit most casseroles and many serving pieces
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 8.5”/21.5cm X 10”/25.5cm
  • Expands to hold 18.5”/47cm
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