413 OXO Dusting Wand

Why It's Cool: Easy and fast solution for sprinkling: paprika on deviled eggs, cinnamon or cocoa on coffee, flour on dough, and powdered sugar on...just about anything!

I’ve found that I love sprinkling: whether it’s paprika on deviled eggs, or cinnamon or cocoa on coffee, or flour on dough, or rub on meat, or powdered sugar on… almost anything. Now you can keep various shakers filled with each of these things, to be ready to sprinkle away. But I like to be a little more spontaneous: I may want to sprinkle powdered sugar in the morning, then some rub on steak or chicken in the evening, or some flour at various points during the day, all without having to have a bunch of pre-filled shakers cluttering my cabinets or drawers.

That’s why we love the OXO Dusting Wand--it’s the Cool Tool for instant sprinkling gratification! And when baking, it’s so much more efficient than putting your hand into the canister to pick up and distribute usually too much flour onto your pastry mat.

All you need do is twist the handle to open the wand’s scoop, dip it into your canister, bowl or jar to retrieve the sprinkling ingredient of choice, twist the handle to close, and sprinkle away with a flick of the wrist. This design assures even distribution without overshooting your mark and getting your flour, etc everywhere. The wand has a closed side so you can rest it on the counter, and the contents stay clean, so you can dump it back into the canister or jar when you’re done.

This is a well-designed, beautifully functional Cool Tool - for everyone, but especially for anyone who bakes! Get one for you and one for every baker in your circle of family and friends! A great Cool Tool!


  • Dimensions
    • Length: 6.5” / 16.5cm
    • Head diameter: 1.5” / 3.8cm
  • Perfect for evenly flouring baking pans or sprinkling surfaces for rolling dough
  • Use for precise sprinkling of baked goods or other foods with cinnamon, powdered sugar and other spices
  • Solid side for neatly resting on the counter
  • Stainless steel and plastic
  • Opens with a simple twist of the handle
  • Dishwasher Safe
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