OXO Non-Stick Cheese Plane

Why It's Cool: Slices cheese really well, then lets go--and doesn't take up too much room in your drawer!

Yes I’m a knife guy, and I love The Cheese Knife! The concept of a Cheese Plane was foreign to me for a long time, and we never could come to a decision on which, if any, to offer. As Cooks Illustrated put it, “a cheese plane is essentially a small trowel with a blade embedded in the flat head; using even pressure, you simply pull the blade across a cheese wedge or block in order to get a uniform slice of cheese.” Simple enough in concept, but the quality of the execution is all over the lot.

We have tested many Cheese Plane designs: from highly adjustable and dual-blade versions, to the simplest, fixed blade versions, including multiple models from the same brands. For a tool as seemingly simple, there are several design features to consider. Before you get to the blade, you must consider the handle: it should be soft and easy to grip, long enough to allow the blade to cut well (more on that follows), and designed to assure a firm steady hand when pulling the Plane across the cheese. The blade, obviously, should be sharp, flexible enough to cut varying thicknesses (by varying the angle of the handle), and long enough to cut slices in a single pass (but not so long as to become awkward to use). It is also preferable to have a straight - not serrated - single cutting edge to the blade that will produce evenly-thick slices.

The new OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Cheese Plane is an excellent combination of all these features - and more - in a well-priced Cool Tool!

The one-piece handle tapers and curves nicely to provide a well-leveraged comfortable grip, and the slightly-raised OXO logo creates a subtle, but effective, spot for your thumb (right or left-handed) at the head-end of the handle. The width of the cutting edge allows a comfortably-sized uniform slice for a variety of hard and semi-hard cheeses, and you can vary the thickness of the slice by angling the plane. The head and blade, which are formed from a single piece of stainless steel anchored into the handle, have been “micro-blasted” with tiny beads to create a non-stick surface (not a coating!), that assures each slice of cheese will release cleanly.

All of this sleek design - it goes easily from kitchen to table - and functionality, in a BPA-free, dishwasher-safe configuration, makes this a genuine Cool Tool! It also makes a great house gift, especially when you are responsible for a cheese course for your next potluck event!


  • Overall length: 9”/23cm
  • Handle Length: 5¼”/13.3cm
  • Head Length: 3”/7.6cm
  • Head Width: 2¾”/7cm
  • Blade length: 2¼”/5.7cm
  • Cutting width: 2⅛”/5.4cm
  • SAE 304 Stainless Steel
  • Micro-blasted Non-Stick Surface
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Designed in USA by SMART DESIGN
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee
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