OXO Shrimp Peeler & Cleaner

Why It's Cool: Ridged back makes shelling and deveining shrimp easy, comfortable non-slip handle

We love shrimp--it has a place in almost any cuisine, and it’s a great lean source of protein, as well as having a great taste and texture when treated properly. We love it in Thai Shrimp Soup with Lemons and Jalapenos, Grilled Shrimp with Cilantro, Feta and Lime and Spicy Dukan Shrimp. The only issue with shrimp is that (at least for our dishes here) you need to peel and devein them. (Please don’t buy them pre-peeled and deveined--you’re trading a lot of flavor for that convenience!)

Peeling and deveining isn’t hard or even complicated, it’s just one of those drudgey tasks that you wish you had a sous-chef to do. Well, as we always say: if you can’t have a sous-chef, get a Cool Tool! In this case, it’s a simple and inexpensive one that really works! And that means less work for you. We’ve tried a lot of shrimp peelers, but never found one that we like as well as this one.

The OXO Shrimp Cleaner is easy to use and efficient. It has a ridged edge which cuts through the back of the shell and a point which cuts channel in the back of the shrimp so you can remove the vein. And it has a soft rubberized handle that’s comfortable to use and won’t slip in your hand, even when it’s wet. That’s it, no gimmicks: just a tool that works and helps you work less; the very definition of a Cool Tool!


  • 8.5”/21.6cm overall length
  • 3.5”/8.9cm diameter handle
  • Hole in handle for hanging
  • Dishwasher-safe
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