OXO Silicone Bowl Scrapers (Set of 2)

Why It's Cool: Flexible silicone edge for getting the last bit out

How does a humble bowl scraper (a pair, in fact) become a Cool Tool? We’ve all seen, had and/or used bowl scrapers; they are those straight or curved bits of plastic that usually are a medium for advertising, and secondarily a handy tool in the kitchen. They’re useful not only to scrape out the contents of a bowl, but also to pick up the food that you have carefully chopped (you don’t want to use your knife for this--it dulls the knife and can be a little dangerous).

But what elevates a scraper to Cool Tool status?

This set of two scrapers from OXO is a scrape above...They are made of BPA-free silicone with a very sturdy core. This means that they are up to any scraping task, even a very stiff batter, but they each are surrounded by a flexible edge, which means they can get around even the most articulated edge (like on a beater blade).

The bean-shaped blue scraper is great for the curved inside of any bowl, and the paddle-shaped red scraper is a real multi-tasker, which has a more narrowly curved edge for smaller bowls, a pointed edge to get the last bits out of any beater blade, and a flat side to scrape up your chopped ingredients, and spread frosting or batter (it works particularly well to spread the batter in the Lékué Sticks Pan.)

Yes, this humble scraper has achieved the status of a Cool Tool!


  • Great way to scrape the batter from the mixer or mixing bowl
  • Can be used to spread batter or frosting
  • BPA free flexible silicone
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Set of two: red paddle-shaped and blue bean-shaped.
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