OXO Steel Juicer/Measurer

Why It's Cool: Easy to read measurements, effective reamer, hand-friendly design

Many cocktails and other recipes require an amount of fresh citrus juice - usually lemon or lime - and beyond the rudimentary “to taste” instruction, the amount and quality of that juice requires some precision: no seeds or pulp, no oil from the peel, and precisely the correct amount for each drink. This is not as simple a task as it may appear: to perform all these tasks well, you need more functionality than the basic Hand Juicer, or more precision than the Lemon & Lime Squeezer, … you need the Steel Citrus Juicer from OXO!

The first detail you will notice is that the plastic elements of the Juicer are clear, to assure  visibility in all parts of its operation. From the top, each of its components has special design details that enhance the functionality of the Juicer.

  • The reamer is properly sized for use with limes, lemons, and even smaller grapefruit, so you only need one tool for this purpose. The reamer also has a sharp point and 8 sharp edges for maximum effectiveness on citrus fruits of all sizes and degrees of ripeness.

  • The reamer snaps into place on the stainless steel strainer, which also locks into place very close to the inside edge of the funnel-topped jar. The strainer is approximately 1”/2.5cm deep: sufficient to capture a quantity of seeds and pulp; and it fits close to the inside edge of the “funnel” element of the jar: assuring maximum flow-through of the juice, with minimal passage of the pulp and all but the smallest seeds.

  • The “funnel” also features a dripless pour spout, so there is no need to capture your juice in one bowl or jar and transfer it for measuring and pouring into your recipe.

  • The lower part of the jar tapers outward below the funnel, enabling a naturally comfortable grip on the Juicer for stability in use. And the jar displays convenient measurement markings in both fluid ounces and milliliters, and can hold up to 3 ozs/90 mls of juice, so you can be both accurate and productive in your small juicing projects.

All these components fit together snugly, creating a convenient, well-sized unit that breaks down for easy cleanup, by hand or in the dishwasher, and stores easily in your drawers or cabinets.

In short, the Citrus Juicer from OXO is a very Cool Tool, well designed to perform your small juicing efforts with maximum efficiency and ease of operation.


  • 6”/15.24cm height
  • 2¼”/5.7cm diameter at the base
  • 3½”/9cm diameter  at the strainer
  • BPA Free plastic and stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
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