OXO Steel Lever Corkscrew (Wine Opener)

Why It's Cool: Easy, effective cork removal with a built-in foil cutter

We are on a continuous hunt for the best way to open a bottle of wine. We want something easy to use, effective and convenient, with a nice design, because it lives on the counter for easy access.

Our new favorite corkscrew - the Steel Corkscrew from Oxo - is an improved design of the classic ‘Screwpull’ or ‘Rabbit’ lever design, sleekly rendered in brushed die-cast zinc with black rubber and plastic. The ergonomics are excellent and very attractive: from the soft non-slip grip of the lever to the hand-sized collar to guide the worm (or screw) into the neck of the wine bottle, this is a well-designed tool. In two simple motions (after removing the foil), you squeeze the collar around the neck of your wine bottle and lower the lever all the way down, and the ~3”/7.5cm non-stick worm easily penetrates the length of most corks. Simply remove the cork from the bottle and pump the lever one more time to remove it from the corkscrew. Easy to use and highly effective!

A feature that sets this corkscrew apart from so many others, is the built-in foil cutter. Assuming that your wine bottle is not a screwtop, you will need a foil cutter to remove the foil cap… and while we all probably have foil cutters from various wineries, they’re usually loose in your drawer and not easily available. One of the best design features of the Steel Corkscrew from Oxo is that built-in foil cutter conveniently mounted into its form … a great design detail that keeps the foil cutter always handy and ‘at the ready’ whenever you’re ready to open a bottle of wine.

This is a highly-attractive well-designed corkscrew ...easy to use and convenient to store, in a drawer or on your counter … a very Cool Tool!


  • 6”/15.25cm high x 6½”/16.5cm wide
  • Delivered in an attractive 7¼”/18.4cm x 7¾”/19.7cm PVC-free storage box
  • Replacement worm/screw included
  • Hand wash only
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