OXO Steel Press & Pour Cocktail Shaker

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Why It's Cool: Easily mixes and pours cocktails with push-top ease

Unless you’re a well-trained professional bartender, using a traditional cocktail shaker can be a messy exercise: keeping a seal while shaking, pouring while straining, and even the simple act of setting the shaker down on your table or countertop can create an unfortunately sticky reminder to you and your guests that … you are not a well-trained professional bartender!

No longer! The clever folks at Oxo have designed a total solution to all these issues ….

The SteeL® 360º Press & Pour Cocktail Shaker from Oxo will enable you to shake and pour just like a professional bartender, without the mess, or the requisite years behind the bar, pretending that you like your customers! The first thing you notice is its beautiful brushed stainless steel exterior, with black accents: very cool looking! With its double-wall stainless steel construction, your cocktails will remain cold, without leaving behind a ring of condensation on your table or countertop. But the major design marvels are in the patented LiquiSeal lid! First, it screws in place, for a secure no-leak fit. Inside the lid are 3 silicone seals to reinforce against spills or leaks, and a built-in strainer, so no additional bar tools are necessary. When you’re ready to serve, the button-activated top opens the seals, enabling you to strain and pour in one motion, from anywhere around the 360º opening, over a beautifully-designed no-drip edge. And, finally, the entire top disassembles easily with a couple of turns, for thorough dishwasher cleanup.

This is definitely a Cool Tool: great design to enable highly functional solutions to basic issues. And it looks good too! … just like you will, using it!


  • Stainless steel
  • 18 oz/53cl capacity
  • 3.25" x 3.25" x 9.5"
  • Patented design
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