Paderno 4-Blade Spiralizer

Why It's Cool: Makes a healthy alternative to pasta easy and fun to prepare

Let’s face it, vegetables can be a little boring. It’s not their fault--they spent most of their early life playing in the dirt. So how do you make them the life of the party without spending hours doing it? Herbs, spices and flavorings certainly can help (and, of course, there’s always cheese), but the simplest way is to change the shape and texture, which ultimately changes the taste. Whether you’re making noodles out of zucchini (one of our favorites) or strings of carrots, beets or potatoes, a changed shape adds appeal to both the eye and the mouth.

But almost no one but a sous chef or line cook has the patience to do this by hand. So if you don’t have a sous chef or line cook handy, you can get the next best thing: a Cool Tool that makes this all easy…. And do we have a Cool Tool for you…

The Paderno 4-Blade Spiralizer is the newest addition to the world of spiralizers (tools that cut vegetables into the shape of various long pasta), and it’s both wonderfully compact and amazingly efficient. They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, so watch the video to see just how quickly and easily this tool transforms humble vegetables into glorious culinary delights.

The Spiralizer comes with four different blades - from angel hair to thick spirals - and a tray to hold cut vegetables, all of which stores in a convenient  rectangular cube (which means there aren’t spare parts to wander off and get lost in your drawer). The heavy-duty ABS plastic gives a very sturdy, high quality feel and operation, and the four suction feet help to stabilize it on your countertop. (If, like us, you have a porous counter top, just put the Spiralizer on a sturdy cutting board with non-slip corners and you’re all set.) And the Spiralizer is easily adjustable for left or right-handed users.

One of our favorite features is a metal skewer that helps to hold larger vegetables steady so that you get a more even slicing and easier operation. But we also love the way everything stores together, the ease of changing blades, the long sharp teeth to hold the fruit or vegetable better and keep it rotating, the fact that the lid doubles as a catch tray, and, of course, the results.

In a world that is getting crowded with spiralizers, this is a stand-out… and a very Cool Tool!


  • Dimensions 9.5”/24cm X 6”/15cm X 6”/15cm
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Covered storage protects unused blades from dripping juices
  • Patent pending
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