Prodyne Appetizer / Sushi On Ice

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Why It's Cool: Keeps sushi or other appetizers cool and healthy

When we introduced the Iced Eggs Tray, a friend commented “that’s nice, but what about serving sushi? I need the same functionality, with a flat surface.” And we said “...of course!” And so … we now offer the Appetizers / Sushi on Ice from Prodyne in 2 sizes. Thanks Momi!

Sushi in a restaurant usually comes in small portions, in part so that the chilled fish can remain so, for reasons of both flavor and sanitation. But this is difficult to achieve if you’re serving more than 1-2 portions at a time, especially on a warm day or evening. And if you’re hosting then you should have prepared (or ordered in) all the sushi before your guests arrive so you’re not trying to be a full-time sushi chef - sharp knives and adult beverages often don’t mix well! - when you should be mingling and serving!

The Appetizers / Sushi on Ice from Prodyne has the same basic design as the Iced Eggs Tray:  a one or two compartment stainless steel tray with a smooth flat bottom, sitting on top of an acrylic tray that holds ice, or doubles as a three-compartment snack server. Use it with ice for sushi, cooked shrimp, fresh veggies, or any other appetizer you want to serve still-chilled on the steel tray. Or use the handled acrylic tray alone as a lovely server.

A very Cool Tool - in all senses of the word! Simple elegant design that delivers its functionality straight up!


  • Small: 10.5"/26.7cm overall diameter
  • Large: 16”/40.6cm overall diameter, with two semi-circular sections, each 12”/30.5cm x 6”/15cm
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel Tray
  • BPA Free Acrylic Ice/Serving Tray
  • Dishwasher safe Steel Tray; handwash the acrylic tray
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