Prodyne Iced Dip Bowl

Why It's Cool: The ice compartment keeps your dip, guacamole, etc, chilled

The biggest challenge in summer entertaining is keeping your food safe to serve: heat can quickly turn your guacamole or crab dip into a discolored, unsafe bowl of bacteria that will make your guests ill and ruin your reputation as an entertaining host! NOT good!

But don’t worry: we’ve found a Cool Tool that will keep both your food and your reputation “cool”!

The folks at Prodyne have designed a lovely serving dish that will keep your food chilled on the hottest days! The Iced Dip™ Bowl is a 3-piece set that simply and elegantly allows you to prepare and serve your favorite chilled dishes, without fear that they will spoil in the heat. Simply prepare your favorite dip, put it into the stainless steel Serving Bowl, snap-on the lid, and store in the refrigerator before service. When you’re ready to serve, simply fill the faceted Ice Bowl with the right combination of ice cubes and water, and place the Serving Bowl into the Ice Bowl. The Serving Bowl stays chilled, and both bowls can be refilled easily as needed.

This is simple elegant design, with perfect functionality for serving on those hot summer days! This piece really works well! Definitely a Cool Tool! And you may need more than one!


  • 4.5” H x 6.25” diameter
  • Acrylic Ice Bowl
  • Stainless Steel Serving Bowl
  • Snap-on lid
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