Prodyne Iced Deviled Eggs Tray

Why It's Cool: Deviled Eggs stay chilled (and food safe) ...for as long as they last!

Everybody loves Deviled Eggs - right? And we especially love them in summertime, when we can devour those one-bite wonders almost as quickly as they’re served!

But wait! Isn’t that kind of quickfire consumption really a learned behavior? ...because those delicious chilled morsels of protein - and mayonnaise, and more - can spoil so quickly in the summer heat? Now, you can slow down, and savor your Deviled Eggs … because we’ve found a Cool Tool that will keep your Deviled Eggs cool!

The folks at Prodyne have designed a truly “cooling” tool: a stainless steel Deviled Eggs tray, sitting on top of an acrylic tray that holds ice, or doubles as a 4-compartment snack server. Simply prepare your favorite Deviled Eggs recipe - ours is featured here; what’s yours? - and place the egg whites onto the steel tray for filling. Fill the whites, and then put the steel tray into the refrigerator to hold for serving. When you’re ready to serve, fill the acrylic tray with ice and settle the egg tray onto the ice. It couldn’t be simpler! Or more convenient! Your Deviled Eggs can be carried safely to your patio or pool deck, and your guests can consume them at a civilized pace, without worrying that the Deviled Eggs will spoil in the heat!

Basic design with excellent functionality! This is an oh-so Cool Tool! In every sense of the word!


  • Egg-shaped design holds 24 Deviled Eggs
  • 17” L x 11.75” W
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel Egg Tray
  • BPA Free Acrylic Ice/Serving Tray
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