Prodyne Stemware Plate Clips

Why It's Cool: Allows you to hold your plate and wine glass with just one hand

We’ve all faced this situation at innumerable cocktail parties, dinner parties or other events: you’re filling a plate of food - walkaround hors d’oeuvres or your filled plate from the buffet - and carrying it with your wine glass .… And then, in the midst of a crowded room, you’re introduced to someone and need to shake hands, or exchange business cards, or you’re simply trying to eat standing up … and there’s no convenient spot to place your glass without fear of damaging your hosts’ antique table, or not remembering which glass is yours (which shade of lipstick are you wearing, or not, tonight?), or it being simply misplaced or left behind as you move about the room, or it gets carried away by zealous cleaner-uppers …. right?

And if you’re the host of an event like this, then you will be worried about your antiques, and you will be concerned that you won’t have enough glasses on hand to give a second or third clean glass to your guests who left theirs behind, somewhere in the room or on the back deck …. right?

We have a solution to all these concerns!

You need these Stemware Plate Clips from Prodyne: beautifully crafted in brushed stainless steel with rubberized inner surfaces, these clips attach over the rim of your (non-paper) plates to provide a convenient slot for the stem of your glass to “hang” off the rim of your plate, so you can address all those party-situations that require a free hand. The clips will work equally well for righties or lefties: they slip easily onto any position on the rim of your plate. The lower loop for holding the glass has smaller diameter, so the top of the stem has a stable resting place. And because these clips are stainless steel, they can be reused almost indefinitely.

We’ve been using these for years! We carry one (or two) in our bags, so we will ‘Be Prepared” at any event. These Clips have a simple elegant and highly functional design that fits well on almost any size plate! A Very Cool Tool!

Buy some for yourself, and some more to give as Hostess Gifts for your next events!


  • Set of 6 Clips
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rubberized inner surface
  • 2.5”/6.5cm long x 1.25”/3cm wide
  • Dishwasher safe
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