Progressive Collapsible Colander

Why It's Cool: Snap on bottom catches drips, colander collapses for easy storage

Well, it’s almost berry season (or is that just wishful thinking?) There are berries in the market, and they aren’t cheap! So you want to get every bit of goodness out of them. And even when it’s full berry season, you don’t want your berries falling prey to mold. Awhile ago we posted a Cool Tip on preserving your berries by washing them in a mixture of 10:1 water to distilled vinegar. Now we’ve found a Cool Tool that make that easy to do...and does so much more.

A colander has two essential functions:  the first is to allow the contents to drain away any liquid that is on or in it; the second is to take up as little room as possible in your cabinets when you put it away. A clever colander has a third function as well: to impersonate a bowl.

This Progressive Collapsible Colander has a lid that snaps onto the bottom, which provides two benefits. The first is to catch drips to keep your counter and refrigerator clean. The second is even more fun: the lid fits so well that it’s virtually leak-proof. That means you can snap the lid on, wash your berries in the water/vinegar mixture to make them last longer, then snap off the lid to let the water drain out and rinse the berries, then snap the lid back on to catch the drips...all without dirtying an extra bowl.

And this colander does a great job on the second requirement--getting small.  Colanders usually take up so much space, they might as well be a full-size bowl.  But this new generation of collapsible colanders provide all the draining at about a third or less of the storage space.  And this one does a great collapse.

Oh, and it does a great job of draining off the liquid… but you probably figured that part out!


  • 3 quart square teal (we call it “Colbrook Kitchen blue”, which is another reason to love it!) colander collapses to 1.5" for easy storage
  • Lid snaps onto bottom of colander to catch drips and keep counter tops clean
  • Drain holes sized to keep small pasta or rice in the colander; quickly drains away water from food
  • Fits easily into sink to rinse fruits and vegetables; features rigid rims and base
  • Dishwasher safe
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