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Progressive Collapsible Mini-Colander

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Quick Overview

Why It's Cool: Small but mighty colandar has a bottom lid to catch drips and collapses to a little more than a third its height for storage.

We all have several colanders and strainers in our kitchen: we’ve bought them at different times, sometimes for different reasons or specific purposes. And Colbrook Kitchen is a lot like yours: we have colanders in beautiful stainless steel, mesh baskets with various kinds of handles, lovely combinations of steel and silicone, and all-silicone versions of various shapes and sizes. So why is that?

Every colander performs its essential functions in the same way: it allow the contents to drain away any liquid that is on or in it and, when we’re finished doing that, it takes up as little room as possible in your kitchen. And a clever colander may have a third function: to impersonate a bowl.

As we have analysed our use of colanders, we’ve made two salient conclusions: first we use colanders a lot, and, second, smaller is better, both with respect to operating size and storage size. And we’ve identified the colander that we reach for most often, which fulfills both of these conclusions … and performs all three functions exceptionally well.

Note: We have limited quantities of some colors.

Progressive Collapsible Mini-Colander

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Thee Mini-Colander from Progressive is the colander we reach for most often. Period. We use it for so many varied situations. The snap-on bottom allows us to rinse, drain and store small quantities fruits or vegetables, while keeping our countertops and refrigerator drip-free. It holds 3.5 cups/828ml: more than that traditional “pint box” of berries you buy at the market. This is especially useful during berry season, when there are lots of different berries in the market and you want be sure you enjoy every bit of goodness in all of them. We’ve posted a Cool Tip on preserving your berries from the mold that can destroy them before you get a chance to consume them. The Mini-Colander enables this entire process with a single Cool Tool ... a bowl and colander, all in one!

Finally, the Mini-Colander, as its name suggests, does a great job on getting small: its patented design allows it to collapse to almost one-third its open height. We have a stack of these in one corner of our drawer, where only one or maybe two regular colanders might have lived before.

The Mini-Colander has two additional benefits: it comes in four colors, which allows you easily to see and differentiate them in your refrigerator (because you’ll want more than one!). And it’s dishwasher safe.

All in all, this is excellent design, with superb functionality …  definitely a Cool Tool!


  • 3.5 cups/828ml capacity
  • 7⅞”/20cm x 5⅝”/14.25cm x 1”/2.5cm collapsed/2⅞”/7.3cm expanded
  • Manufactured from BPA-Free materials: TPE and Polypropylene
  • Patented: USD625,154 and US7,678,271

Additional Information

WHY IT'S COOL Small but mighty colandar has a bottom lid to catch drips and collapses to a little more than a third its height for storage.
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Manufacturer Progressive
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Ships in: In stock and ready to ship