Progressive Cut Resistant Glove

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Why It's Cool: Protects your hands when using a mandoline or slicer

In a couple of the other write-ups, we talk about the fact that mandolines are sharp: really sharp.  That’s a good thing and a bad thing (well, not really bad, just, you know, a little intimidating).  As you slice or julienne on the mandoline, your tender hand gets ever-closer to the sharp blade, and I’ve never found a hand guard that isn’t awkward to use.  

So, do you deprive yourself of the incredible convenience that a mandoline provides out of fear of the blade?  I don’t think so!  You just take really good, but easy precautions.  For me, that means a hand protector that moves with my hand, rather than with the food--in other words, a cut-resistant glove. 

We tested several and found a good one:  it’s both strong and flexible, light weight and comfortable. We tested it--not with fingers, but with a sausage stuck into the thumb of the glove, and then we repeatedly crashed that “thumb” into the blade of a mandoline...and the sausage came out unscathed.  Now the glove is not cut-proof--we tried sawing a knife over it, and it did cut--so don’t do that with your finger in it! (and why would you?)  But for casual use to protect tender fingers against sharp steel in mandolins, or even when shucking oysters or chopping vegetables, these things really are first line protection against kitchen cuts.
  • ISEA Level 5 cut resistant fibers
  • One glove fits either hand
  • Silicone non-slip grip
  • Machine washable
  • Never use with moving or serrated blades
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