Progressive Microwave Grill

Why It's Cool: Makes crisp bacon in less time with much less fat and mess

We all love bacon, right?

So I’m a Southerner by birth - a true Son of the South - and I grew up with that container of bacon fat next to the stove. Bacon was a staple in our house, cooked in a skillet, from which the bacon fat was poured into that container. But my Yankee wife and age have made me more health conscious: less fat is better, and skillet frying in the resulting “bath-tub” of bacon fat has become less desirable... and blotting up all that fat after cooking is just a pain.

SO microwave cookery has become the more effective way to cook bacon: layering uncooked strips between paper towels and cooking 1 minute per slice - depending upon your microwave oven power - has become our preferred method. The paper towel wicks away the excess bacon fat, leaving you with beautiful crispy bacon slices in half the time (unattended) that it takes (attended) to cook bacon on the stove. And microwave cooking is the best solution for turkey bacon, too. But the last issue is: what to use to hold all those slices and the paper towels that absorb the rendered fat, without making a mess of your microwave oven. We tried paper plates, but the bacon grease leaked all over the floor of the microwave... YUCK! To resolve that issue, you need the right microwave oven cooking tool.

The Microwave Grill from Progressive is that tool: it is sized right to easily hold at least 5 slices per layer (more than 10 slices will require rotation and possibly new towels) and it has 14 raised grooves and extra reservoir-like space on the end to assure even cooking and fat draining. If you only want to cook a few strips, then place them directly on the Grill and cover with a paper towel (although a paper towel underneath makes clean-up even easier). Alternatively, you can buy more than one Grill and stack them in an offset fashion to increase your cooking output! The Microwave Grill also can be used to make crispy potato chips or as a platform to thaw or reheat …. As always, follow the overarching “Know Your Microwave” rule: adjust the cooking power to an appropriate level, to avoid burning your food or melting your tools.

This is definitely a Cool Tool: well-designed to perform a variety of microwave-oven related functions … you will want the Progressive Microwave Grill in your kitchen!


  • Food Grade BMC
  • BPA free
  • 11 ⅞”/30cm x 10”/25cm overall dimensions
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • US Patent D471,397
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