Progressive Zip Slicer

Why It's Cool: Zips through a lot of small round things (grapes, cherry tomatoes, etc) in one quick movement... saves time with great results!

So we recently learned something we didn’t know: small round things are not good to let toddlers put in their mouths. Duh!

But small round things, in this case, include healthy snacks like grapes and cherry tomatoes, both mainstays of healthy snacking. There seem to be two choices for solving this: watch your kids like a hawk and intervene if they choke on a grape or tomato (neither practical nor wise), or cut these dangerous objects down to size.

And even if you don’t have toddlers, how many times have you wanted to cut grapes or cherry tomatoes in half for a salad or other dish, and just thought: do I really want to bother?

Now I don’t know about you, but I find that one of the most time consuming things to cut is individual round things (like grapes or cherry tomatoes) that roll around and can’t be cut either very quickly or in a group. At least they couldn’t until now…

Those clever folks at Progressive came  up with what may be my favorite Cool Tool of the summer: The Zip Slicer. Just load any small round fruits or vegetables (cherry tomatoes, grapes, pitted cherries, small strawberries, even hot dogs) in the tube, then take the slicer and slide it through… Voila! everything is cut in half … in way less than half the time! The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold while the covered serrated blade cuts through food with ease. And the two parts clean up easily, and safely, in the dishwasher.

Get one for yourself, and several more as hostess gifts--this is the fun gift of the season! A Cool Tool indeed.


  • Patent pending
  • ABS, Stainless Steel, TPE and Tritan™
  • Dishwasher Safe
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