Fasta Pasta

Why It's Cool: Cooks pasta faster and easier with great results, using less energy and water, and with a bonus of starchier water to add to pasta sauce.

Over the years we’ve become fans of microwave cookery … it’s fast, it’s convenient, it takes less energy, and it uses less-expensive energy. And, with experience, it can produce excellent results. We’ve reverse-engineered recipes to use the microwave, and it’s all we use to cook bacon. In short, we use our microwave for much more than melting butter!

One set of techniques that the microwave is well-suited to perform is steaming: fish, vegetables, and more. But we’ve never used it to boil, per se. That is, until recently ….This is where the Fasta Pasta - “The Original Microwave Cooker” - comes into the battery.

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