Rösle One-handed Locking 16" Grill Tongs

Why It's Cool: Easy one-handed locking operation

Tongs are an essential grilling tool: you want to move things around the cooking surface, you don’t want to pierce the crust and lose the juices, and you want to avoid burning your hands. And everybody has tongs ...probably several.  There is a basic choice between the non-locking versions you see in professional kitchens and the locking versions preferred by most home cooks, who have limited drawer space instead of overhead rails for storage. But most locking tongs require two-handed operation, which is awkward and inconvenient in almost any cooking situation. And other designs that offer one-handed operation require mental re-training, which isn’t always top of mind when you’re focused on preparing your dish.

No more!  The 16” Rosle Locking Tongs are the solution to these issues: long enough to keep your hands away from the heat and the right length to assure firm control at the grill.  And these are true one-handed tongs that function just like you want to use them. When you point the jaws down toward the food and squeeze, the jaws unlock. Grab your food and move it! And when you point the jaws up and squeeze, they lock. The video is worth a million words!  These tongs really work! This is a very Cool Tool!

These beautiful pieces of 18/10 Stainless Steel are design wonders, easy to use indoors or out. The 1 1/2”+ wide jaws make turning meats or stirring veggies easy. No more turning with a fork: simply slide the edge of these tongs around or under the food, grab it, and turn it, without loosing internal juices to fork punctures. And the patented opening and closing mechanism is intuitive so that using tongs will be a simple task that no longer requires you to use two hands or to think twice about how to use them. Open/close/lay down: simple!

You will want these tongs - and their shorter cousins - in your kitchen, and next to the outdoor grill! Great design, perfect function, and essential for grilling, indoors or out! A very Cool Tool!


  • Patented and award winning design
  • 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • 16” length, with 1” hanging hook
  • Dishwasher safe
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