RSVP Endurance Pepper Corer

Why It's Cool: Effectively cleans out the innards of a pepper to make it ready for stuffing or dicing...and de-seeds other fruits and vegetables as well

Peppers (chilis) of all kinds and heat levels add a lot of flavor and punch to almost any dish. In the summer, we devote an entire 16’ X 8’ bed (and more!) in our garden to growing them, and during the winter we buy what we can find (or use the ones we smoked and dried during the summer). In short we always try to keep them on hand, regardless of the season.

But there is one thing that all peppers have in common: inside the body, the remaining seeds and ribs can create a sometimes unpleasant texture and level of heat. So what’s the best way to get rid of those seeds and ribs, whether it’s preparatory to dicing the chilis for salsa, or slicing them paper thin into everything: from eggs to stir fry? Our go-to tool for this is the Pepper Corer from RSVP.

Unlike most pepper corers that have a spiral blade that usually leaves the seeds behind, the RSVP Pepper Corer effectively scrapes the seeds and membrane away from the inside of the body of the pepper, and then pulls them out for easy disposal. The long, thin, cupped stainless steel blade - with a serrated edge - follows the shape of most peppers to get all the way into the chili: from the narrowest point at the tip, across the broadest parts of the interior, all the way down to the flesh.  When completed, you will have nothing but the purest flesh of your chili, to be enjoyed in whatever your next step will be!

As a bonus, you also can use the Pepper Corer to de-seed tomatoes, or cucumbers, or any other fruit or vegetable where seed removal is an important step in the recipe.

The Pepper Corr from RSVP is excellent and well-designed: a very Cool Tool for any season, whether your chilis are summer home-grown, or other hemisphere-grown, where they often are stronger and more flavorful, and therefore need more thorough attention to cleaning!


  • Stainless steel blade slices effortlessly through any kind of chili, or other fruit or vegetable
  • Ergonomic rubber handle keeps you comfortable while working
  • Measures 8.25” / 21cm in length
  • Dishwasher safe
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