RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Scrubbie (Package of 2)

Why It's Cool: Cleans like a champ and doesn't rust

OK, so clean-up is definitely not the most exciting part of cooking. But, alas, it is always a necessary set of tasks. So when you find something clever, effective, and reasonably priced that will make these otherwise unpleasant tasks easier and better-performed, it make sense to check it out. And we did just that with the Scrubbie from RSVP.

The Scrubbie is an all-stainless steel coil that doesn’t rust, but does really clean any non-coated pot or pan, thoroughly and quickly. It’s long lasting, and the rough surface really helps scrub-away stuck-on or burned-on food. And the Scrubbie itself cleans up easily in your dishwasher.

The Scrubbie is ‘genius’ on one of my most difficult cleaning challenges: one of my ‘guilty pleasures’ is roasted chicken wings - oiled, seasoned, and roasted uncovered for 45 minutes at 450°F/233°C, on  a stainless steel purpose-designed chicken wings plaque. Needless to say, this leaves quite a mess, to say the least. But I love the dish so that the mess is well worth it. And the Scrubbie is my new personal treasure for making clean-up much easier.

So, as I said, this is not a very exciting tool, but it fills an essential role in your kitchen. The Scrubbie from RSVP is well-designed and performs its function highly effectively. The Scrubbie is definitely a Cool Tool, for the inevitable cleanup tasks in your kitchen.

Tell us about your messiest ‘guilty pleasure’ and how you cleanup? The first 5 submissions will win 100 Cooks’ Club Points in their account!


  • Non-rusting stainless steel
  • Thoroughly cleans stainless pans, pots, and cookware
  • Diameter: 2.5” / 6.5cm
  • Hand wash or dishwasher safe
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