Spot Not Decanter Dryer

Why It's Cool: Dries both the inside and outside of a decanter at the same time

One of the pleasures of drinking wine is to show it off in a beautiful decanter (it also helps some wines - especially in large format bottles - to open up and become even more delicious!) One of the headaches of drinking wine is having to clean those same decanters. I think decanters were invented by someone who never had to clean them him (or her) self. Decanters are usually somewhat large, often delicate, and come in every imaginable shape. But there is one thing that all decanters have in common: an interior that no normal person can reach into, to clean it. And while a decanter dryer stand is a decent alternative, it often leaves water spots on the decanter, interfering with the view of your next beautiful wine.

That’s why we were so excited when we tried the Spot Not Decanter Dryer!

It’s actually 2 microfiber cloths, each with a flexible magnet inside, that work together to dry your decanter (or vase, or carafe, or...). One cloth comes with a string-like handle. to drop the cloth inside the decanter (and, even more important, retrieve it when you’re done), and the second cloth has a convenient hand loop to be used on the outside surface. The magnets hold the two cloths together on either side (one inside and one outside) of the decanter. When the two cloths are aligned, moving the outside cloth also moves the inside cloth, so you’re wiping both sides of the decanter with the same motion. (It’s like having a skinny invisible hand cleaning the inside of your decanter!)

So now you don’t have to think twice about pulling out that beautiful decanter and showing off your wine to its best advantage! This is a very Cool Tool!


  • 2 flexible magnets inside microfiber cloth to curve around any odd corner
  • Highly absorbent microfiber material
  • Loop string on inside piece for easy removal
  • Works for any type of glassware including vases, glasses, and carafes
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