Tovolo Precision Cutting Guide Mats

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Why It's Cool: Mats provide more than a cutting surface, they're a mini cooking lesson.

Has this ever happened to you: you’re chopping away, prepping for dinner, and you wonder, “Are we there yet?” Have you chopped enough of the ingredient so that you can stop and move on to the next one? Of course you can stop, put all your chopped ingredient into a measuring cup, and then add or subtract as necessary. But wouldn’t it be nice to have guidance right where you’re chopping?

And what about when you want to get your “Top Chef” on, but are uncertain about the difference between a batonnet and a brunoise, or unclear about the angle of a cut. Or how about figuring ou equivalents on the fly (how many cups in a quart?)

All this and more is made clear on the Tovolo Precision Cutting Mat. This very handy mat is large enough to handling all your chopping needs, flexible enough to deliver them to your pot or skillet, and clever enough to answer all the questions above… and many more.

It has measurements along the long side in inches and centimeters (very handy when you need to cut your ingredients all the same length), angle guides for cutting on the diagonal, guides for dicing and julienning from brunoise (⅛” cubes) to large dice (¾” cubes) and fine julienne (1/16”) to batonnet (¼”). It has circles that approximate ½ cup, 1 cup and 1 ½ cups of mounded ingredients, so you don’t have to stop and measure, and equivalents that translate teaspoons to tablespoons to cups to gallons. In short, this mat is a mini cooking course.

And the companion set of Ice Math Bar Mats has a ruler along the long edge and an Ice cube guide for classic cocktails, along with basic bartender wedge guide for the perfect citrus garnish every time. And at 11“/28cm X 7”/17.75cm, they are larger than most bar mats, which can come in very handy.

Each design comes as a set of 2, so if you’re cooking with a friend, you don’t have to fight over it, and it goes in the dishwasher, so it gets sanitized each time it’s washed. And like the other Tovolo Cutting Mats that we love so much, these mats are heavy enough to withstand multiple washings without curling,  have a non-slip back and durable, long lasting cutting surface, and are a joy to use. In short, they are indispensable Cool Tools.


Precision Cutting Mats

  • 18”/45.7cm X 11.25”/28.6cm
  • Set of 2: 1 red and 1 blue
  • Volume guides
  • Dicing and julienne cutting guides
  • Cutting angle guides
  • Equivalent measurements made easy
  • Built-in ruler

Ice Math Bar Mats

  • 11“/28cm X 7”/17.75cm
  • Set of 2: 1 green and 1 yellow
  • Ice cube guide for cocktails
  • Citrus wedge guide
  • Built-in ruler

Heavy duty to resist curling
Non-slip back
Durable cutting surface
Dishwasher Safe

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