Tovolo Ice Cream Tub

Why It's Cool: Easier to scoop, takes up less room, keeps ice cream better.

OK, we know that for a big part of the US and many places outside the US, thoughts of ice cream may seem to be the last thing you want to think about in early March. Something warm and cozy seems more the order of the day. But frankly, ice cream is good anytime, and homemade ice cream is better yet. The other evening for a dinner party, we made Profiteroles with Honey Lavender Ice Cream, and it was worth the effort (and maybe even worth the calories :-)).

But one thing I’ve always struggled with with homemade ice cream is: what can I put it in that preserves it, but makes it easy to scoop out. Everything I tried seemed to be slightly unsatisfactory… until now!

Tovolo has created the perfect ice cream container. It’s like a runway for your ice cream! Because it has a long narrow shape, it is incredibly easy to drag your ice cream scoop the length of the container to make a great ice cream ball. Add to this an insulated tub to keep your ice cream fresh longer - no more ice crystals around the edges! - and a non-slip base to make it steady on the counter as you scoop and you have a well-thought out design. But the benefits don’t stop there, because the size and shape of the Tub make easy to fit in an often crowded freezer, either inside or in the door. This really is a Cool Tool!


  • Slender design guides the perfect scoop
  • 11”/28cm x 4”/10cm x 4⅛”/10.5cm
  • 1.5 quart/1.4 liter capacity
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
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