Tovolo Soak N' Strain-1.5 Quart

Why It's Cool: Colander and drain bowl linked together to soak and drain... almost anything

So it’s full-on berry season - and tomato season - and wash and drain any number of wonderful fruits and vegetables season… and I have a new favorite go-to tool! This is another one of those slap my fore-head and shout: “Why didn’t I think of that?” … but we’re glad someone else did ….

The Soak N’ Strain Colander from Tovolo is pretty simple and ingenious at the same time. It’s a bowl and colander linked together (but very easy to unlink for use or cleaning). So you put your berries, or tomatoes, or … into the colander in the bowl, add water to wash it gently (add vinegar to the berries to make them last longer, as described in our Cool Tip), and then just twist the bowl over the sink: the colander with the food stays upright while the bowl tilts to pour out the water.

The uses for this cool idea are endless: use it to soak dried beans overnight, or almonds so that you can make your own almond milk, or rice noodles that need to soak in hot water before being added to pho, as well, of course, of gently washing all your fruits and vegetables.

A simple, but brilliant, idea… and definitely a Cool Tool!


  • 3 sizes:
    • 1.5 qt (red) - 10”/25.5cm diameter (including handles) X 4”/10cm
    • 3 qt. (blue) - 12”/30.5cm diameter (including handles) X 5”/12.7cm and
    • 5 qt (green) - 14”/35.5cm diameter (including handles) X 5.5”/14cm
  • Large holes for quick draining
  • Simply soak your produce and strain the water away
  • Great for washing berries, salads, greens and soaking noodles/pasta
  • Colander and mixing/storage bowl can be used separately
  • Dishwasher safe


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