Trudeau Cheese (Brie) Baker

Why It's Cool: Perfect size and profile to bake and serve brie or any other soft cheese; air vents prevent steamy build-up

One of the most pleasurable, decadent and delicious hors d'oeuvres you can serve is baked cheese. Simple to prepare - just bake it: right? - and capable of being dressed in an infinite variety of sweet or savory accompaniments … or both …. Great idea!

But baked cheese - Brie is the most common, but other semi-soft cheeses can add multiple dimensions of flavor - can be difficult to execute and serve beautifully: your average glass baking dish or that favorite crafts fair casserole dish just is neither the most convenient (too deep for easy access) nor the best looking backdrop for your baked cheese. And you want your guests to appreciate both the taste and the beauty of your presentation. Right?

Enter … the Cheese Baker from Trudeau.

This white stoneware beauty is designed to bake your cheese most effectively: the small holes in the lid let steam vapor out while keeping the flavors inside. And regardless of your choice of cheese or accompaniments, the white stoneware plate provides an attractive neutral background for the beauty of your dish. The plate features a ⅜”/10mm rim: sized to hold a standard 5”/13cm round of cheese, with softly-rounded handles designed to assure easy lifting from oven to table.

The blade of the stainless steel spreader is properly sized to cut off a right-sized portion for spreading on a baguette slice or a small cracker or tortilla chip. And both pieces of the cheese baker go safely from oven to table to dishwasher … because there won’t be much cheese left when your guests finish! A small recipe book also is included, but you are limited only by your imagination ... my current favorite topping is simply crumbled smoked jalapeno bacon … yum!

Beautiful design , excellent functionality … definitely a Cool Tool! No question!


  • Heat Resistant Stoneware: up to 500F/260C
  • 7”/18cm diameter x 2½”/6.35cm high
  • 420 Stainless Steel Spreader - 5¼”/13cm overall length
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • FDA certified by CCIB (China Commodity Inspection Bureaus)
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